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GR Mouthpieces and accessories


Charlie Melk has provided consistent and high quality custom work for me for a number of years. I have great respect for his knowledge of brass instruments, and his approach has always been efficient and affective. Thanks for all the great work, Charlie!
Jeff Biancalana
San Francisco Symphony
Portrait Charlie Melk from 'Charlie's Brass Works' is in my opinion one of the finest repair specialist is the industry. He brings the years of training he learned from his Grandfather and Father (Phil Melk) in repair and has continued to strive to be on the cutting edge of excellence. Through my www.haefnermusic.com business, I have an extensive list of clients throughout the world. Upon my recommendation many of them have utilized Charlie's services and all have reported excellence in the work. I believe taking the time to send your horn to him is well worth getting it done right. If you care about your Instrument and you want excellence in repair you need to look no further then Charlie's Brass Works.
Steven Haefner
When I need a job done, big or small, Charlie Melk is my top choice. There is no one better.
Chuck Lazarus
Minnesota Orchestra
Portrait He has consistently and creatively helped me solve issues I have had with my Bach trumpets. (I love the Bach sound.) From adjusting the mouthpiece receiver for the correct gap (for me) to moving/changing braces, reversing leadpipes, installing a pitchfinder and the complete reshaping of a Bach E-flat. I won't say what we did to my Schertzer piccolo, but it worked too. He is not a magician, and nothing can replace good quality practice. But we all want to sound and feel like our horn isn't fighting us, and Charlie's work has done that for me.
Mark Niehaus
Principal Trumpet, Milwaukee Symphony
Professor of Trumpet, North Carolina School of the Arts