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Pierre AllardPierre’s Background
Studying with Robert Baca at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Pierre Allard developed much of his “concepts of sound” and technique through he Bill Adam method. Among other teachers, he has studied with Gary Radtke in the 1980’s (and continues to this day), and later with Dennis Najoom of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Pierre is a band director at the grade school & middle school levels. He also operates his own music studio, where he works with a multitude of players at various points on the road to reaching their musical potential.

Pierre is co-director and lead trumpet for one of Milwaukee’s finest orchestras, Big Swing Face, as well as a member of the Renaissance Brass trumpet quartet. In addition, Pierre’s performance affiliations have included the Concord Chamber Orchestra of Milwaukee, and the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Swing Nouveau of Milwaukee. Pierre has also performed with acclaimed entertainers such as Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons and the Motown Spinners. He also freelances as a liturgical musician, and as a performer with area bands.

The equipment with which Pierre performs includes: the Besson Classic Bb (with Charlie Melk’s MTV-525 leadpipe), the Artist series flugel horn by Blessing (with the GR/Melk flugel leadpipe), the Getzen 940 Bb/A piccolo, a custom conversion CBW C trumpet, and a Custom CBW "Jericho" Bb trumpet (one of Charlie Melk’s custom conversions) for commercial work. The mouthpieces he uses include the e65 MB, e65 SB, e65M2, and the e62 for the piccolo trumpet.

Trained by Gary Radtke himself, Pierre Allard shares his years of experience as a teacher and a performer as he leads our customers through the meticulous GR Mouthpiece audition process. Listening to their needs and expectations, he guides each trumpet player through the equipment choices that will best match their sound and style with the performance expectations of these precision mouthpieces. A full 1-hour GR Mouthpiece Consultation consists of a standardized series of play-tests, each one evaluated according to the specific parameters that lead to a mouthpiece match between the player and that particular horn. Currently the cost is $75/hour.

The play tests involved in this process utilize selected etudes, which enable the player to hear the interaction between him/herself and the mouthpiece. Mismatches of equipment or discontinuities in a design often reveal themselves in the form of poor articulation, intonation problems, and difficulty with flexibility, among other issues.

All consultation appointments are preceded by a comprehensive questionnaire, which should be completed and returned to Pierre before arriving for a scheduled appointment. The questionnaire is designed to help define current problems or playability issues, and desired goals that are expected to result from the player’s change in equipment. The questionnaire is available by email (or online) once an appointment is scheduled. GR Consultations are available by appointment only.

We are very pleased to work as closely as we do with Mr. Gary Radtke. Our proximity to his manufacturing facility here in Wisconsin enables us to provide our customers with the most current GR models, up-to-date stock, and quick delivery of all GR Mouthpiece models. And because we sell only NEW mouthpieces, returns are not allowed on the purchase of a GR Mouthpiece for any reason - regardless of whether or not it was purchased with a consultation. This policy is also posted in our store.

For a GR Mouthpiece Consultation call 414-453-9902 or email your request.