Charlie's Brass Works

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GR Mouthpieces and accessories


Vintage Replacement Mouthpiece Receivers
Charlie's Brass Works offers replacement receivers designed to replace your worn receiver.
Turned with high quality CNC machines, these receivers will make your vintage trumpet sing again.
  • MTV - Mt. Vernon Bach
  • EB - Early Elkhart Bach
  • SK - Schilke
  • MRT - Martin Committee

*All Vintage Receivers sold "installed" only. Installation includes mounting, setting the gap, and finish touch-up.


Charlie's Custom Tuning Slides
Old world craftsmanship meets new world technology - these Tuning Slides will breathe new life into your Bach and Yamaha Trumpet.
We're excited to offer you Semi-Round & Single Radius models to improve your sound, range, and response. (Crooks by M/K Drawing.)

• SR-Bb semi-round, braced
• R-Bb round (single radius), braced

• SR-C semi-round, braced
• SR-CBb semi-round, braced
• R-C round (single radius), braced 
Choice of 3 finishes:
Raw Brass
Includes Amado water key,
or Lever water key
***All slides also available in "reversed"***

Charlie's Custom Leadpipes
These Leadpipes are designed and tested to fit many models of Bach, Olds, Benge, Martin, and Yamaha trumpets. From New York to Mt. Vernon & Elkhart models, these Leadpipes come with a vintage receiver.

  • EB-525 Designed to be a replacement for Elkhart Bach Trumpets with better response and intonation. Relieves that tightness found on standard Bach 25 pipes. Excellent upper register.
  • MTV-525 Designed to be replacement for Mt. Vernon Bach trumpet with 25 leadpipe. Improved response and intonation. More core of sound, excellent upper register. This is my most popular leadpipe - used on Mt. Vernon and Elkhart Bachs.
  • MTV-525R This reverse style leadpipe is an excellent replacement for Bach 25LR leadpipe. More open and broader sound than MTV-525. Excellent for Yamaha Xeno and Conn V1 with reverse leadpipe.
  • EB-521 Same as EB-525, but used with LT Bach models.
  • MTV-521 Same as EB-521, but used with MTV Receiver. Slightly more core of sound.
  • MTV-MV Designed to be replacement for Mt. Vernon Bach trumpet with 7 leadpipe. Large, dark, centered sound, crisp attacks.
  • NY-MV Designed to be a replacement for 1940's NY Bach trumpet with 7 leadpipe.
  • MTV-525C6 Designed for C trumpet - Bach or Yamaha. Similar to a 25H Bach leadpipe. Improved intonation with big, dark, centered sound.
  • MTV-525C7.5 Designed for C trumpet - Bach or Yamaha. More open than a 25A, with a very centered crisp feel.
  • MTV-525CR Designed for C trumpet - Bach or Yamaha. A reverse leadpipe with a very nice open sound and excellent intonation.