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Martin Committee Trumpet Leadpipe
Photographed by Tim Ellestad
Martin Committee Trumpet Leadpipes
Many Martin Committees suffer from "red rot" in the leadpipe. This is a deterioration where the brass is actually eroding. Charlie's Brass Works has developed an exact copy of the original Committee pipes. This pipe is built as a replica of the 1940's pipe to retain the classic playability and sound.

This leadpipe is sold as a complete assembly, which includes the Vintage Receiver, Leadpipe tube, Ferrule, and inside tube.

2 models available:

Standard Model - all brass components
Deluxe Model - featuring an engraved nickel receiver & ferrule


Charlie’s Custom Eb Trumpet Conversion
Charlie's Custom Eb Trumpet Conversion
I offer two models of this conversion in Eb. I start with a .459 bore Bb, C, D, or Eb Bach trumpet and remove bell and all leadpipe and tuning slide components. The leadpipe is replaced with my Custom Leadpipe, I convert the bell to a Tunable Bell, & adjust slides to pitch. A Bach Valve Section and a Bach "C" trumpet bell are used. "D" bell (with slides) is available as an option. Complete units can be ordered, or your own trumpet can be converted.

Available in:

  • Raw Brass
  • with bell
  • Silver Plated
    Complete Unit
  • Raw Brass
  • Silver Plated
***Available in Raw Brass, Lacquer, Silver Plate, or Gold***


Flugel Leadpipe
Photographed by Tim Ellestad
GR/Melk Couesnon Flugel Leadpipe, also for Olds CT Models, Blessing Artist, and Bach
Charlie Melk and Gary Radtke designed these leadpipes to fit a Vintage Couesnon Flugel. It is built to accept a standard taper Flugel mouthpiece. Original Couesnon leadpipes were built with a "French" shank mouthpiece. With our GR/Melk Couesnon Flugel Leadpipe, you will not need to special order a mouthpiece. This leadpipe accepts any standard GR taper flugelhorn mouthpiece. It will not accept straight "French" tapered shanks. Play testing this leadpipe showed immediate improvement in soft attacks and intonation. All aspects of the Couesnon Flugel were improved.


Heavy Bottom Caps
Photographed by Tim Ellestad
Heavy Bottom Caps
For Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 1 oz. & 1.4 oz.

The right combination can add core and stability to your trumpet sound.

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