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NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, the wait list for Charlie's Restorations and Refinish work is 3-4 months. Please do not send your horn for restoration unless you have a firm date from Charlie, as well as a Job Confirmation Number. Prices and turn around time are listed below. This wait list is not for all work, ONLY for the Restorations and the Refinish work.


If your instrument needs refinishing, I can assure you that I take the time to be certain that every refinishing job returns the horn to its original specifications. From valves and slides to the fit of all solder joints, I make sure the horn will work and play the way it was intended. I will never compromise playing quality for the sake of appearance.

Every horn is subjected to a detailed checklist before work begins. A diagnostic of all valves is done; however, rebuilding of the valves is not part of the restoration process, though if a Valve Rebuilding is necessary, the price will be discounted when requested as part of a Restoration. Before any work is begun I will contact you with an evaluation and an estimate of the cost*. (Please note, this is an estimate and it is possible that some issues of previously undetected deterioration will not become apparent until the horn is fully disassembled.)

Once the Refinish begins, dents are removed and the horn is meticulously cleaned & restored to new condition. Sometimes it is necessary to replace parts on the instrument. I strive to use OEM parts in every restoration - unless that part is no longer available. (I also offer many high quality custom replacement parts.) I do the lacquering myself, by hand spraying, in your choice of clear or gold color lacquer. Gold and silver platings are applied by only the best plating shops in the industry. A complete valve alignment is included in the Restoration and performed before reassembly of the trumpet. All worn corks and springs are replaced. The horn goes through a playing test, and is then carefully packed for return. Please see time and base cost estimates below. Payment can be made by U.S. Postal Money Order, Visa®, MasterCard®, or cleared check drawn on a U. S. Bank (checks take 3-4 weeks to clear before the horn can be returned to you). *All prices are subject to inspection of instrument.

*All prices are subject to inspection of instrument.

Finishes Available:
  • Clear Lacquer
  • Gold Lacquer
  • Brushed Lacquer


Delivery Time 3-4 weeks
  • Silver
  • Brushed Silver


Delivery Time 4-5 weeks
  • Gold
  • Brushed Gold

Brushed - Gold Plated
Brushed - Gold Plated

Delivery Time 4-5 weeks