Charlie's Brass Works

Authorized Dealer for:
GR Mouthpieces and accessories

Shipping Guidelines

Once you have consulted with Charlie on the necessary services for your instrument, you will receive:
  1. A price estimate
  2. A scheduled time slot in which your horn should arrive at our shop
  3. A Job Confirmation Number (must be included with your horn)
  4. Instructions for proper shipping, if necessary

Shipments to Charlie's Brass Works
Be sure to include your name & address inside the package (in the event that the shipping label becomes lost or damaged), as well as your assigned Job Confirmation Number. PLEASE DO NOT SHIP YOUR HORN INSIDE A CASE. Any case received with a horn will be shipped back to you separately, for the protection of your instrument.

Packing Instructions
  1. Send your horn without the case
  2. Wrap the horn in several layers of bubble wrap
  3. Place it in a double-walled box that is a few inches larger than the horn on all sides
  4. Surround the wrapped horn with packing peanuts — enough so that there is no shifting when you jiggle the box (you do not want the horn to move around in the box so much that it reaches the wall of the box)
  5. Include your contact information inside the box
UPS or US Mail are both fine for shipping

Return Shipments
Charlie's Brass Works does all shipping via USPS and United Parcel Service. It is important for you to indicate whether or not the return shipment will be going to a residential address. No instrument will ever be shipped from CBW inside an instrument case! You will receive an email message or phone call informing you of the day your package ships out from our shop. If you require a Tracking Number, please request this when you arrange payment.